The start of the journey: Preston

My senior year of high school I wrestled at 140. Hayley could hardly believe it (seriously I still wouldn’t if his mom hadn’t brought the photos out at Thanksgiving. Yay for holidays!!), but I have been dieting to bulk and gain weight. While Hayley struggled to shrink down, I struggled to size up. I first learned…

Tofu Stir-Fry: Quick and easy dinner meal

Mix together with your favorite sauce, I recommend a PB2, sriracha, soy blend, and you have a complete dinner!

Macros: 450 calories, 40g carbs, 16 g fat, 20 g protein

Not a diet–A lifestyle

Although I was feeling really great eating my cookies and pies, I feel my muffin top baking over the sides of my jeans again.

A Cookie Conspiracy

Cookies can be just a yummy when prepared without butter and half the sugar!

Easy ways to fight the winter weight

With the first snowfall of the season, winter has landed here. The cold weather doesn’t mean you can’t fight the winter weight. Read the blog at the Collegian.

Time to find a workout buddy

Ever wondered what it takes to make the perfect workout buddy?

Me too until I found Preston. Check out why he is the best partner to live an active life with at the Collegian!

Time to shake it with Zumba Fitness

Ready to switch up your cardio routine? Try taking a Zumba class for a fun alternative. Check out my guide to Zumba at the Collegian.    Xoxo, Hayley

A dose of inspiration: Erica’s Story

Now (three months in) I have lost just over 12 pounds! I am now running two miles on the treadmill every morning, along with a 30 minute weight lifting session.

Gymtimidation got you down?

Check it out the new Collegian post. Also, don’t forget to browse our archive of recipes, workouts, and advice.

Turning a corner on health

The next installment of my Collegian blog is live. I discuss part 2 of my lifestyle journey. Next week I will be discussing gymtimidation and balancing nutrition with your activity levels.

Check out my school blog

Thank you everyone who reads and supports us. We love, appreciate, and believe in you. We will be back– but until then, check out my first post!