The start of the journey: Preston

My senior year of high school I wrestled at 140. Hayley could hardly believe it (seriously I still wouldn’t if his mom hadn’t brought the photos out at Thanksgiving. Yay for holidays!!), but I have been dieting to bulk and gain weight. While Hayley struggled to shrink down, I struggled to size up.


I first learned about the wonders of the gym in my high school wrestling program. There would be many mornings the team would show up before school and get a lift in. After four years of this it just kind of stuck, and I kept lifting after I stopped wrestling. It wasn’t until I got to college, my freshman year, that something clicked for me. That was when I really got into lifting and “getting gains.”

The first time I tried to cut, I went about it completely wrong. It was hard. It was terrible. It was rough…..I tried to follow how I would cut in wrestling. Basically starve yourself for as long as you can then go back to eating normal. While I could get away with this in wrestling, I couldn’t sustain how hard I was cutting. My next attempt was a little better. I would stick to a diet for a week then have a “cheat day” where I would eat everything I was craving during the week. Looking back now, I see that doing this made my cravings much worse and my progress was severely stunted.

Since that time I have learned the importance of taking my time to diet and stay consistent. I have the best results when I don’t try and kill myself dieting. When I diet slower I don’t even feel like I’m dieting.

When I met Hayley I could already tell that she was ready to take it to the next level at the gym. She just needed a little push in the right direction. I took her with me to the gym and showed her the ropes. I like being able to share my gym knowledge with people, as well as lifting with my girlfriend, so it was a pretty good deal. This lifestyle has helped us to be more involved and bond with each other.

Now I am 202 and my goals are mostly staying lean year round.



Stay consistent out there,

– Preston





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  1. Anonymous says:

    You look pretty beefy even at 140! You two are like a Ken and Barbie only with brains, diversity and brawn.


    1. thompsonhayleye says:

      Ha! Thank you, diversity Barbie and Ken. We like that 🙂


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