Parties and drinks: 3 tips to staying on track

It is Friday afternoon and I am looking forward to my birthday party this weekend! At 23, I will be healthier and happier than ever before. Having a social life is a part, and an awesome part, of being young and in college. Just because you have goals that does not mean you should miss out on an important aspect of life. 

There are ways to help balance those aspects of your life. With some planning and a few easy tricks, you can maintain your goals and have a lot of fun. 

Number 1: Plan your weekend, starting with Thursday

To help me stay on track, I consider what I want to eat and drink over the weekend and plan accordingly. I do this on Thursday, so that I can ration out Friday, Saturday, and then–when I am hungover on Sunday– I don’t have to think.  

I try to keep my food very nutrient dense, but light on calories. Friday and Saturday I aim for 800 calories from food. Eggs, tuna or chicken, and zucchini are my favorites when I am eating during those days. Below is a pan of frozen stir-fry vegetables from Safeway and Shirataki Noodles; it is super filling without being calorie laden.  

This is 200 calories and sooooo much food! I am gonna eat it all.

The bulk of my calories come from the alcohol, 500-700 depending on the night I am feeling. That is 6-7 shots, and I am having a great time.

I do extra cardio at the gym on Friday afternoon as well. Normally I burn 200-300 in a 45-minute gym session (lifting and running), but these days I stay for at 60-90 minutes and up the cardio for 400-500 calories.  

Number 2: Pregame before the bar and swap liquor for beer

Making your own drinks at home allows you to control and track exactly what goes in it. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A SOBER RIDE TO THE BAR! NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE. We always mix our drinks with diet soda, Sprite Zero is a favorite. Watch out the for the sugary fruit juice cocktails and mixed drinks at the bar!

When you are choosing your drinks consider hard alcohol, such as Vodka, to save on carbs. Also, you will get your buzz much faster and consume way less liquid.

Whatever you decide to drink, make sure you track it and stay within your set limits!

Number 3: Recovery is key

Starting Sunday morning get right back to your mission. We fully believe in indulging and having fun, but we get back to the grind as soon as possible. I start with lots of water and green tea to help rehydrate and flush the system. Try not to give in to your temptation to stuff your face with greasy and carb heavy food. Note though.. if you do, it is not the end. A few weeks ago Preston and I split a pizza (like a whole big pizza. It was glorious…). My weight jumped up six pounds (yeah… really… I went from 135 to 141.. that was not glorious), but by Wednesday I was right back where I started Friday morning. You will just need to be stricter throughout the week.

Focus on those very low calorie, but nutrient dense foods for the next few days. I like to eat soups (not from the can, but homemade) and vegetables.

The important thing to consider is finding balance for how often you party. Take every other weekend off for a Netflix and chill night. If you want to be more social, volunteer as the DD. You will help out your friends while letting your body rest.

Have lots of fun on your weekends, you deserve it! I know we will.





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  1. Rebecca says:

    Wise words! Have a great party!


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