Meal prep Monday: Baked chicken

Preston and I survived the party and I was 135.4 today. See– you can have some fun, eat birthday cake, and still maintain the body that you want. It just takes a little balance and planning!

IMG_0012Anyway, the weekend is over and it is time to get back on track! Usually I have class at 3, but I got the day off. I decided to spend the afternoon doing a little meal prep. On the menu: roasted chicken.

Some people may say that eating healthy is “too expensive.” I don’t buy that excuse for a second. Of course, I don’t have to feed a family, but I am a grad student making 1,000 dollars a month. If I can afford eating more than ramen, I believe you can too. Chicken is a great, lean meat that is fairly low cost. To make it even cheaper, I buy a whole one.

IMG_0003I would love to have bought the organic, cage-free bird—- but grad student. Someday I will pay 12 dollars for the little thing. The catch, and reason why this is so much cheaper, is you need to do a little more work. Here is how I prepared mine:

Skin your bird

You need to take as much of the skin and fat off as possible to keep it lean and low calorie. This part is gross and cold, but do it anyway. The wings are the hardest to skin. I get what I can off of them, and then the rest is a small treat (because crispy little wings are yummy).

 Don’t forget too pull the gizzards out too. You can eat them.. I don’t… but you could find a recipe for that. 

Season, cover with foil, and bake at 425 for 1-2 hours

The foil will help keep the meat moist while it is baking. I like to squeeze a little lemon over the top and then place garlic cloves on the inside. 

Uncover and bake for an additional 1-2 hours

Here is my bird after an hour and a half in the oven. At this point I added some BBQ sauce to the top and popped it back in the oven to finish off. Leave it uncovered at this point. IMG_0009

Once the bird is done to your liking (I like mine a little dry… same with eggs… and my steak needs to have no pink) let it cool and get your tupperware ready. Start by ripping the legs and wings off. I separate the breast and thigh meat into different containers. After the legs are taken care of, pull out the backbone (another kinda gross part) to make it easier to cut the breast meat off. The breast is my favorite part of the chicken!


Now you have two containers of ready to eat chicken for the whole week! You can put it in a salad, stir-fry, or eat it plain as a snack. No matter which way you eat it, it is only around 160 calories per 3 ounce serving! 

IMG_0011Enjoy your week!




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  1. Tom Thompson says:

    Great blog you two.
    Keep up the good work!


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