Happy spring break: Traveling and maintaining your weight goals

We are in sin-city Las Vegas for spring break from school, but break doesn’t mean our goals are going by the way side. Below are three things that we are doing to avoid undoing all the hard work that led up to this week.

  1. Have a mini fridge in your hotel. One important criteria when selecting our hotel was the availability of a fridge. We stocked up at the local Albertsons (also they sell liquor at the grocery store here… Whattttt Viva Las Vegas!) with snacks and meals.
  2. Plan out your day and bring snacks. We want to avoid the panick hunger situation that leads to the nearest restaurant. I am packing protein bars in my purse for emergency hanger. We are utilizing the brunch and late afternoon meal timing. The calories we saved by skipping formal meals are spent on alcohol this week.
  3. Try to only eat out one meal a day. You are on vacation. You should indulge a bit. Relax a bit. But don’t go overboard. Restaurants are a money and calorie trap— spend wisely and don’t forget your fridge.

Before leaving I was 135.4 and Preston was 203. Once we return we will walk through our routine to undo any damage. My goal is to be less than 140 on Saturday (we fly home Friday).

Enjoy your vacations and look for updates from Vegas!



Stay consistent out there,



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