One last night: An update from Vegas

Preston and I only have one more night here, and I can honestly say I am ready to go home. Vacation is fun, but my body is ready for a normal routine. It is very true that the better you eat the better you have to eat. Now that I am used to running on minimal sugar and oils, my stomach is killing me after all the alcohol and pizza(we had drunk pizza last night. Badddd us). I just can’t handle junk food like I used to, but it is a good thing. I think of it as negative reinforcement; when I eat bad I feel really bad.  

To help make up for–even though it doesn’t really work like that– our day yesterday we walked everywhere. Today we walked 1.5 miles from the hotel to the strip, walked down the entire strip, and then walked back to the room. My feet are hurting!  

Tonight we are going back out for one more go! I just taped P’s shirt back together where he ripped it last night… The problems of being so hulk-esk. This will be one last chance to dance and win some money before it is back to reality. 

I wanted to share our planned indulgence as well. Coming to Vegas we knew we wanted to find the giant fortune cookie at Tao. We had seen it on travel channel. It did not disappoint! 

It was filled with vanilla and chocolate mouse! so heavenly

 Off to walk the strip one more time— sans alcohol tonight— before we snap back to reality. 




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