Returning from vacation: Getting back on track

We returned from vacation yesterday to face the music. Turns out we didn’t do too bad. Below you can find our stats and game plan for getting back to our pre-vacation bodies. *Please note that these are not medically certified in any way and not recommended for everyone. Please make sure you are consuming enough calories for your body. Most sources do not recommend eating fewer than 1200 calories a day.*

Hayley’s Vegas Stats:

Pre-Vegas: 135.4lbs

Post-Vegas: 138.4lbs

Average Normal Calories: 1000-1300

Average Vegas Calories: 2500-3500

Even though it is only three pounds I can feel the difference. The sugar, carbs, salt, and oil from the week have created a bloated pooch on my belly. I consumed over double my normal caloric intake, but I am lean enough that damage was minimized. Also, most of those calories were from alcohol that are processed differently. My main focus for the next few days is to reduce the bloating, clear out my digestive system, and flatten my tummy. To do this, I drink 2-3 cups of “detox” green tea for 1-2 days. The tea is only a “detox” because it contains plants with known diuretic qualities. Drink your tea on days when you have access to a restroom—- you will need it. I will only drink this for a short time to clear out any remaining foods in my digestive system. Start slow and do not drink more than three cups a day. 

Got this at Safeway for $4. Start off with 1 cup and wait a few hours. You should start to feel your insides rumbling (if ya know what I mean). I reuse the same tea bag for all cups in one day. I do not recommend a new bag for every cup. If you begin to have excessive diarrhea stop using immediately. 

I am also eating 800-1000 calories a day for the next 3 days. It is a bit of a fasting phase. Even though my calories are low, I am focused on nutrient dense foods. Vegetables, lean protein, and fruit only. Here is my meal plan:

My three soup staples. Making your own soups will save 100s of calories compared to the canned soups. Add frozen vegetable packs to the broth.

Breakfast— 300 calories: 2 scrambled eggs, mushrooms, onions, peppers

Lunch— 200 calories: Soup from Miso Stock or Chicken Stock with frozen vegetables

Dinner–200 calories: Soup again

Snack–100-300 calories of Greek Yogurt and fruit

Gym— Gym as normal. We got back and went to the gym Friday night. I am incorporating slightly more cardio into my routine this week. 

After a few days and once I feel that I am cleansed I will go back to a normal diet of 1200 calories. I am hoping to be 134 by March 28 (about 10 days). 

Preston’s Vegas Stats:

Pre-Vegas: 202lbs

Post-Vegas: 203lbs

Average Normal Calories: 2500-3000

Average Vegas Calories: 3500-5000

I have to eat so many calories just to maintain that going over didn’t affect my weight too much this week. I can get away with so much more than Hayley because of my lean muscle mass and size. It should only take a few days for me to be back on track. I am not doing anything special with my diet, but I am cutting down to 2000-2500 calories. 

Vacation is awesome, but it can be costly. Enjoy your indulgences and trips, but remember how easy it is to undo your hard work. It will take us (mostly me) 10 days to get back the body that I had only three days ago.




Stay consistent out there,



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