Quick dinner under 300 calories: Pasta on the low

I have no time this week with grading, school, and applying for summer internships… so dinner and this post will be short. After coming from class and starting a paper I looked at the clock and, poof, it was 7:30pm! The pear and turkey pepperoni snack from 4:15 was long gone… panic hanger was about to commence. 

A quick look in the cupboard furnished a bag of pasta. Yup, I am gonna tell you about pasta. 


Well… I am going to tell you about pasta’s more attractive and substantial cousin. To compare:

  • 2oz of Barilla Protein Plus Pasta
    • 190 Calories
    • 38 (g)Carbs
    • 10 (g) Protein
  • 2oz of Explore Asian Organic Cuisine
    • 194 Calories
    • 19 (g) Carbs
    • 24 (g) Protein

HELLO.You want the cousin right? My mom gave me this pasta for my birthday; tonight I would finally get to test it out. 

Here is what 2oz looks like! It is a ton. I like that. IMG_0007

In less than 10 minutes I had this amazing meal packed with protein, vitamins, and taste.

Step 1: Boil the pasta and get your veggies cooking

Prepare according the directions. The only variation from normal pasta is the temp. Place the noodles in a rolling boil and then simmer until softened to your liking. I was hungry, so 8 minutes was good enough. While that action is going on, sauté some vegetables in a smaller pan. I always have bags of stir-fry veggies in my freezer to add into any meal.


Step 2: Pan fry the pasta with your veggies

You don’t really HAVE to do this, but I like a little crisp on my noodles. I also needed my pot to make my most favorite peanut sauce (I promise I will give you a recipe sometime!). I hit the pasta/veggie stir fry with a bit of soy sauce to finish off.

Step 3: Stuff your face with guilt free pasta

For 275 calories I am full, content, and refocused for the evening round of homework. Try your variations and let me know what you think!


Edamame is the bee’s knees.





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