The countdown to Mexico:5 pounds in 7 weeks

This week has been hectic, but that is no excuse for me to lose sight of my goals. Preston and I are heading to Mexico in May, and I would like to be in the 120s for that trip! It will be a lot of work and focus in the next month and a half, but I am firmly committed to this new goal. 

It was nice maintaining and relaxing through March, but I must say that having purpose feels better. I was a little lost just eating and staying the same… it feels good to back with a plan!

My goal schedule is as follows:

April 1. I was 136.0

April 15. 133

April 29. 131

May 13. 130

May 20. 129

Setting small goals can act as a step within your big dream. It helps me stay on track and monitor my progress. Just saying I want to lose 5 lbs can be difficult to conceptualize and remain focused on. 

I started with big leaps and then aim for only losing half a pound a week by the end. It is always easier to pull a “big” number when you begin. Today, April 4, I am 133.2. 

I will weigh in and report back to the blog every other Friday to help me stay accountable. My meal plan is 1200 daily calories and I will be lifting at least 5 days a week. As April draws to a close (and my life is less busy with term papers) I will increase the cardio depending on my weight. 

What spring/summer goals do you guys have?




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  1. Sarah Burris says:

    Haha your mom just wants her collaroff!

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