Dinner update: 290 calories and so full

IMG_0069In case anyone is looking for something to eat, above was my dinner tonight. It almost covered my entire “big” plate (because I have small and big. Here is a tip, try to eat off a small plate or bowl to subconsciously eat less food!).

.5 TBS of Canola Oil: 60 cal

2 OZ of Mushroom: 12 cal

8 oz of Zucchini: 39 cal

2 cups of frozen vegetable mix: 70 cal

3.5 oz of grilled chicken: 108 cal

This is super easy. Heat the oil over medium high. Chop up the mushrooms and zucchini and let them sauté in your pan. I like mine crispy and bit burnt. Throw in the frozen veg to cook down. I keep the heat on 6-7 on my electric stove. I pre-grilled chicken breasts earlier in the week, so I just weighed out my portion, cut it into smaller pieces, and tossed it in at the end. 

Let everything cook together and hit with some Creole salt and hot sauce.





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