What is happening: 5 weird places you will notice weight loss

Perhaps like many of you, my main focus when losing weight was on my gut. I had a jiggly mass protruding over my jeans that I hated. It has mostly vanished (this brings us to the last 5-10 pounds I am fighting for), but it was one of the last things to change. Midsection fat tends to be the most stubborn; I believe it is due to the lower muscle density and high concentration of important organs in the area. Your body doesn’t hate you, it is just trying to protect you. Unfortunately, this misplaced love can create weird proportions while you are transitioning between weight. See proof.


Just remember, don’t stop. The belly will eventually catch up! In the mean time, check out other places that you may be showing progress and fat loss. 

1. Face

I didn’t realize how round my face had gotten, but I can certainly see the difference looking back. Now I have cheek bones and my chin comes to a point. I really like the bone structure that I had hidden, and friends and family usually comment on that as well. Take lots of selfies throughout your weight loss so you can really see the change!


I went from a 36B to a 32A through my weight loss. The breasts are one of the first things to go because they are mostly fatty tissues. Sorry future babies…mama’s got nothing to feed ya with. I am not sad though! I can get away with lower cut tops, strappy dresses, and a super comfy/no bra. I can also see an outline of my sternum and collarbone, and I love that look!

3. Fingers

I never wore rings because they didn’t fit. I never considered how much fat could be stored in my fingers; they truly were “lumpkins” (this is a term used in my family for stubby, chunky things. You are welcome for the fun vocabulary). I would not have noticed the change if it weren’t for my senior class ring. The band is an 8, and I could not fit it onto my ring finger anymore. One day, it fit! And then a few months later it was falling off. I started wearing it on my middle finger, but now it almost slides off that as well. Soon I think it will become a thumb ring. 



4. Bootayyyyy

I will never lose my caboose, and I never want to! It has, however, become much more shapely and reasonable. Songs are written about the bon bon, and as you lose weight you can expect to see changes there– so go ahead and shake it! Along the same lines, you will start to notice your thighs thinning too. Really pay attention to these areas when you feel like you are in a plateau. There is a lot of muscle potential in your legs and glutes, so you might be increasing the density while sizing down. Fat simply takes up more space for the same weight.

fat to muscle
Check out this Google Search link for more proof


5. Feet

Another place I did not entirely expect to see a change was my feet. My aunt always made fun of my “big” feet– I wore an 8.5 to a 9 depending on the brand. For my 5′ 4″ frame, that may be a bit big. Now that I have lost weight, my feet slide around in my shoes. I am not talking about a cankle situation; my actual feet are smaller! I am now wearing an 8!

Bonus: Mind

I said I would list five things, but there is another area that cannot be ignored. As I was taking back my life and body, I was losing weight and baggage mentally. I am now happier and free-er than I have ever been. My body was holding me back. It was not a true representation of the person I am on the inside. The extra weight was pushing my personality and spirit down. There are many people who are fun, sassy, and love their body. That is AMAZING. I do hope that you can be happy and love yourself; however, if you feel like something is off, consider that the outside may not match your inside. This is a dangerous line given our society’s emphasis on thin, so do not focus on being like the skinny models you see. Instead focus on being healthy, fit, and feeling good in your own skin– no matter what weight that ends up being. Whatever you decide, you can do it. Being happy is worth working toward your goals.

Don’t get discouraged if your midsection is being sticky. You are still doing the right things and making progress. That progress may be showing in other areas of your body! Keep on plugging, keep eating according to your goals, keep sweating at the gym and I promise your body will reward you. 





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  1. Anonymous says:

    Amazing post! You perspective is fantastic and so helpful.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. PHhealthylife says:

      Thank you! I am glad to hear it resonates with others.


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