131.8: Back on Track

It is April 29: weigh-in day! I am glad to say that I have gotten back on track. I am 131.8 today! I know that I can be under 130 for Mexico in May. 

Recall that two weeks ago I was 134.8. I had wanted to be 133, but due to a lack of discipline and a 12 hour party day I missed that. In the last two weeks I cracked down: hard. It has paid off immensely. 

Dropping three pounds in two weeks is not a normal rate of loss— and please don’t go to extremes to achieve the same feat. This can be attributed to my bloating and water retention from high salt and fat foods going into the previous weigh in. Really I am where I should have been the whole time. By being extremely strict I was able to drop that excess water weight, plus a bit of fat. 

That being said: here is what I have been doing the last two weeks. 

Calories: 1080. Again, this is much lower than the medically recommended amount; however this is where I cut the best at. I maintain at 1300-1400, so I do what I have to do. 1080 allows me to not feel like I am starving while forcing my body to burn excess fat instead of food. Because I am eating so few calories, what I eat is really important. Vegetables, lean protein, and fruit are on the menu. I incorporate veggies into every meal to ensure I am getting the micronutrients my body needs. The most important thing that I do is eat a little more (emphasis on the little. Only eat until you are no longer hungry) if I need to regardless of my daily intake. For two weeks I actually wasn’t ever hungry at the end of the day. I was never full, but that is the way it should be. Last night I was HUNGRY, so I ate an extra yogurt and some fruit.  I went over by 150 calories, but I listened to my body. 

Exercise: Lifting and Cardio. This hasn’t changed much. I did start running my mile every other day again— something I had started slacking on. Otherwise it was business as usual with 30minutes at the gym.

You can do it. Remember, when you miss a goal just focus on what went wrong and make the corrections.





4 Comments Add yours

  1. jlstanding says:

    That’s right! Sometimes you just gotta pick yourself up and keep going. I have to say though, you look great!


    1. PHhealthylife says:

      Thank you so much!:)


  2. Rebecca says:

    Looking sleek and beach ready! Good job


  3. Sarah Burris says:

    yahoo!! good job hay

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