Back from Mexico: Back to work

Staying at an all-inclusive resort in Cancun was— AMAZING! That is needless to say really, but I will repeat: amazing. Of course I was expecting to gain weight while drinking and eating free guac for five days; the damage came out to be 7 pounds. 

7 pounds… that took me months to lose and 5 days to put back on. This “recovery” is not going to take months, however. I know what I am doing this time around. I know what meals and food groups work the best for me AND I am already muscular. Instead of getting into shape, I just need to retone and get lean again. I am more motivated than ever; these 7 pounds really make a huge difference. I want to have my body back; I want to have my confidence back, and I want to fit comfortably into my jeans again. Bottom line: I want it all back. And it is not really 7 pounds. Once I clear the food and bloat (from wayyy to many chips.. the most delicious chips I have ever tasted.. and fried calamari) I will be looking at 4-5 pounds of actual damage. 

Look at that little food baby! It will pass and I will be able to get back soon.

Starting Weight: 138.0

Goal: 131 




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