May 30, 2016

Day 3 brings me to 132.4! This is a moment when the scale matters much less than the feeling, however. I am within a pound of when I left for Mexico (I didn’t quite get to 129), but my body doesn’t feel great yet. 

As you are losing weight, you will notice certain points where 1-2 pounds makes a huge difference. For me, 131 and 133 is a giant leap. When I was 131, pre-Mexico, it was a lean and tight feel. I was confident. I was budding visible abs. I only had a couple small wrinkles on my belly when I sat down. 

I am currently feeling the small pooch protruding over my pant line as I sit at my desk. It isn’t bad— on lookers probably wouldn’t think much about it, but I feel it. I am no longer fighting for a specific number on the scale, but rather how my body feels. This is really what I gained on vacation– a beer belly

I didn’t post a picture today because there is not much visual difference between 133.8 and 132.4. When I make it down to 130, I assure you that you will see.


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