300 calorie french toast

Breakfast is the best meal of the day. The foods are carbolicious and accompanied with sausage, bacon, eggs, and cheese. A recipe for amazing right? Breakfast can also be a recipe for busting your diet. Bread, hashbrowns, and pastries pack a day’s worth of sugar and calories. Sausage and bacon are filled with fats and sodium. What is a breakfast lover to do?

You eat delicious french toast AND stay on track, that’s what.


Here is our recipe for french toast under 300 calories!

Collect the Ingredients- protein powder and syrup can be cut or easily replaced with lighter alternatives

  • Sara Lee DeLight Bread: 4slices 180 calories
  • Liquid Egg 9 tbs 75 calories
  • Vanilla 
  • Whey Protein Powder (if you need to balance your macros with more protein) 1/2 scoop 80 calories
  • Butter Flavored Lite Syrup (Or sugar-free syrup to cut even more calories) 1/4 cup 100 calories: Replace with greek yogurt or fruit for less calories

Mix the egg, vanilla, and protein powder

Many french toast recipes call for milk, but I have found that the bread turns out fine without. Keep in mind that a cup of skim milk is about 80 calories; try to cut out the unnecessary ingredients that add up in a recipe.


Incorporate the protein powder in the egg mixture. This addition provides 12 more grams of protein to get you through the day and help your muscles repair from a pre-brunch workout. I used Pure Protein Vanilla Cream and it was delicious. Half of a scoop is all you need, especially if turkey bacon or sausage is paired with your toast.

Dunk the bread

Bread doesn’t usually align with my goals– so I was excited to find Sara Lee bread for only 45 calories. That is about half the calories of traditional bread. The slices are a little thinner and much less dense than traditional bread, so be prepared for the difference.IMG_0128

Give each slice a dip in the egg batter; 9tbs created just enough egg batter for 4 pieces of toast. Preston and I are weirdly picky with our eggs, so I barely dunk the bread instead of soaking them.

Get to cookin’

The protein powder will be slightly lumpy in your batter, but the texture was fine finished in the pieces. You can whisk the eggs to blend all of the powder more evenly. The french toast cooked on the griddle at 350 for 3-4 minutes per side. The more egg batter you use, the longer you may need to cook them. I used a little cooking spray to keep the slices from sticking.

Get your plate and dig in!

I completed the brunch with Johnsonville Turkey Sausage for a 210 calories and Preston ate the rest of the egg beaters. I did not add any butter or the classic powder sugar, but if you wanted to make sure you track those calories. 




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  1. Anonymous says:

    Recipes are great, keep them coming!

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    1. Will do! Is there anything you want to see in particular? Breakfast, lunch, dinner.. snacks? We have tons to come


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