Essential Oils: Miracle or Myth?

Do they work because you believe they will work? Am I calm because I was told lavender is calming? That Preston and I are not sure of the answer.

The big 5 of starting a diet

The top things we learned about transitioning to a healthier lifestyle.

Quick and effective shoulder workout

Legs, chest, and arms get a ton of attention at the gym, so one muscle group is often forgotten: shoulders. Keep working your shoulders to complete your toned, strong, amazing upper body. Shoulder day is much quicker than the other groups, so keep this workout in your back pocket for when you don’t have a…

Leg day: Yes you need to do this

Leg day gets a bad wrap among gym bros, but everyone should be working out their legs to balance their physique. This quick workout will hit all the major components of your legs to give you a complete aesthetic.  Bonus: Leg day has helped shape and lift my booty! My favorite lift, and one I…

Maintaining a healthy relationship: Adventure!

The first year of a relationship is supposed to be the best, right? After the 12-month falling-in-love period everything becomes a little less bright, or so some may claim. We, frankly, don’t buy that at all. It is possible, easy, and fun to keep the spark alive no matter how long you have been together….

Nutrition vs caloric density: Making the most of your food choices

When dieting, selecting the right foods can make your time much easier. The two key factors in determining the foods I eat are the nutritional content and the amount of calories. I like to pack as many nutrients as possible into the calories that I am eating rather than consuming “empty calories.” Of course, processed junk…

The water park survival guide: 5 tips to get you through the day!

The sun, the heat, and the tan lines: I LOVE summer. Water and amusement parks provide a day of fun, but can create tricky situations when it comes to your health and fitness goals. With these tips you can prepare and then navigate your day at the water park. Choose the right bikini. Being almost…