Hash browns

I love Preston for many reasons. He is charming, funny, handsome, and he makes the best hash browns that I have ever tasted. (That is really why I keep him around). I try to emulate, but they never turn out quite right. I finally convinced him to share his hash brown secrets with you! YOU ARE WELCOME.


Hash browns with turkey sausage: A favorite breakfast for dinner option. For an extra kick pair with 505 Green Chile Salsa


I eat a lot of hash browns, and over time I have refined my method of making them. One of the main reasons that I make them, other than how great they taste, is the surprisingly low calorie content. With only 50 calories at nine servings per container, the whole package is only 450. Hayley and I can split a package for 225 calories each. We call that a win-win. 
hashbrowns nutrition edited

Step 1: Open the bag. Just kidding; I’m going to assume you know the basics, it’s really not that hard to get started.

Step 2: Start by cooking the hash browns on a medium-high setting for about 10 minutes. Don’t let them thaw on the counter too long, but place them in a hot pan straight from the freezer. 

Step 3: Add 1 tablespoon of oil. When you add the oil later it gets the hash browns crispier. This is the key. We have tried adding oil before but found that allowing the hash browns to cook and unfreeze a bit first actually makes a crispier end product. The oil does add and additional 120 calories, so if you don’t have that available in your day you can use cooking spray (but I would recommend planning ahead for some oil). At this point flip your hash browns to evenly distribute the oil, but don’t over do it.

Step 4: It takes about 20 minutes total, but you can cook them until you like how crispy (burnt) that they look. (We tend to eat things burnt… but I have found a new appreciation for the char taste.) Don’t listen to her… and finally top with seasoned salt and pair with eggs, chicken, turkey, whatever protein you are in the mood for!

The key is to let them sit without stirring or fussing. Just allow the potatoes to do their thing and crisp up. If you turn them too much, they will become mash potatoes.

Whichever meal I choose to eat the hash browns in is usually my biggest meal of the day. They are a good amount of calories, but it is definitely worth it!


Stay consistent out there



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