Great back and bicep workout

To complement the chest day workout here is my schedule for back and biceps. When you segment your workout, it is important to evenly work opposing muscle groups. When one side is stronger than the other, your tendons and bones can become strained or misaligned. 

The first column is the lift or exercise you will be doing. The second column is the sets listed first and then the reps.  Reps make up one set: you will do 12 dumbbell rows, rest, and repeat two more times. 

Choose a weight that pushes you, yet is not overly exerting. You want to be able to complete the number of reps; you’re not trying to max-out here. And yes, I complete this exact workout with Preston (with about half the weight he does)! You can all do it too. 

Lift Sets X Reps Notes
Dumbbell rows 4 X 12
Barbell bicep curls 4 X 12 You can do these standing or use the machine
Cable rows 3 X 12 You can use any of the attachments for this one
Lat pulldowns 3 X 12
Cable curls 3 X 12 I think the curved bars are easier on my wrists than the straight bar attachment
Pullups 3 X whatever you can do Can substitute for lat pulldowns
Wrist curls 3 X 12 I like doing these sitting down with my forearm flat against the bench with a dumbbell
Dead lifts 3 X 12
Calf raises 3 X 12

Stay tuned for more complete workouts!

Stay consistent out there



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