Sloth-syndrome: When you just don’t want to sweat

Sometimes, many times, you are not going to feel like doing ANY sort of physical activity. You feel like you are one with the sloth: slow motion and sleepy. I call this type of workout slump sloth-syndrome, when you know you should exercise, but the mere thought of running and sweating causes dread.


No one is immune to sloth-syndrome, not even me or Preston. Often we drag ourselves to the gym and meander around lifting a few things here or there. The good news, however, is that a case of sloth-syndrome doesn’t spell disaster for your goals!

Here’s what to do when you just can’t workout

Go to the gym, even if you don’t sweat

Even though it may take twice as long and you may not sweat, just go to the gym. You can completely cut out the cardio for the day (see, that sounds more appealing already) and focus on lifts. Instead of 3 sets of 10-12 for each lift, do just 2 sets. The catch, though, is that the 2 sets will be a slightly heavier weight than you normally lift.

Just push yourself a little bit for ONLY TWO SETS. Then you can move on to the next lift. Slowly but surely you will work your way around the gym and burn some calories. Every day doesn’t need to be a hard day, so just go!

Go for a walk

If the gym is just not a possibility— we are plenty guilty of this as well—then opt for another activity. Focus on the active in the activity; you cannot replace your workout with an episode of Parks and Rec to count laughing as an ab exercise. You can count a walk around the neighborhood in your fitness tracker though.

Walking 1 mile burns about 100 calories! If you are strict on your diet, that can make up for  8% of your day. You can’t solely rely on walking, because it doesn’t provide great aerobic conditioning nor strength training, but it will get the job done during your sloth-syndrome attack.

Take the day off


Yes, I said it. If you really really REALLY don’t feel like doing anything, then don’t. You need to listen to your body. Sometimes sloth-syndrome is an indicator that you need to take it easy. You might be getting sick, be dehydrated, or plain old worn out. 

Don’t make a habit of this though. One day can easily turn into two days; before you know you have taken three days off. The key to a rest day is knowing you will get back to your normal routine the next day. 

Sloth-syndrome gets everyone. At the end of the day let yourself rest and then get back to work.




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