Don’t let these 3 excuses ruin your workout

The excuses, and yes they are all excuses, we come up with to NOT workout are simply roadblocks in our path to success. If you let them rule your day and justify your actions, it will be that much harder to find the success you are seeking.

Here are the top three excuses that used to sabotage my goals 

I am too sore

There is a distinct difference between being sore and being injured. If you incorporated a new lift, ran an extra mile, or pushed yourself the day before you will more than likely be sore. Embrace this! Being sore means that you are improving because NO Pain, No Gain. Soreness is a completely natural and normal occurrence; if you are a bit sore then go for an easier day or focus on a different muscle group.

Do not let soreness stop you from getting exercise, even walking can help. If you are continuously sore or the pain is sharp and in a specific place, you may have injured your muscle. In this case, that is a legitimate concern; however, most of the time you are just a bit sore and it will clear in 1-2 days.

I will get too bulky if I work out every day


Ladies, don’t lie to yourself. A common concern and reason why women have a tendency to shy away from lifting is the fear of getting bulky/looking like a dude. Don’t let this fallacy keep you from pumping iron. In order to look like the fitness models and female weight lifters, you would need to be less than 20% body fat and work very hard. With an average diet and standard workout, you are not going to see anything close to those results. Lifting and hitting the gym every day will do many positive things for you besides losing weight. 

  • Routine exercise boosts your immune system
  • Exercise can help you get a better night’s sleep
  • Gym time gives you more energy during day to keep your productive

If you are happy with your musculature, opt for lighter weights and more reps. You don’t need to max out, but keep your muscles toned with 4-5 days of exercise.

I forgot my ______

How many times have you gotten to the gym and realized you forgot something deemed essential to work out and then said, “I guess I can’t today”? I used to be guilty of this all the time, but more than likely you can make due. 

I forgot my sports bra today on my lunch break workout. For one second I debated on calling it quits, but instead I adjusted my workout plan. Instead of the hard cardio I was planning on, I focused on machine lifting. It was not the awesome workout I had in mind, but I still burned some calories and remained working toward my goals.

Next time you find yourself coming up with an excuse, ask yourself “Is this real, or am I standing in the way of my goals?”




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