The water park survival guide: 5 tips to get you through the day!

The sun, the heat, and the tan lines: I LOVE summer. Water and amusement parks provide a day of fun, but can create tricky situations when it comes to your health and fitness goals. With these tips you can prepare and then navigate your day at the water park.

surving water world

Choose the right bikini.

Being almost naked in a park full of strangers can be the best (when you are near your goals and feel confident) or the worst thing. First and foremost, rock whatever you are wearing. Half the battle is finding something that matches your personality and spunk. The store sells so many styles and swimsuit types it can be dizzying to know where to start; here are a few general rules to help you look your very best!

  • Small bust: Opt for embellished or ruffled tops to accentuate the gals
  • Large bust: Support your ladies with halters or underwire. The cup look is so in right now!


Buy it at Target!


  • Midsection woes: The high waisted style is coming back around. If you are concerned about your middle, look for a retro style suit.
  • Muffin top: String bikinis sit lower on your hips and allow you to minimize pooching over the material. You can adjust the strings to perfectly fit your booty and your hips.

Eat right the night before.

You can avoid certain foods the night before to wake up ready for that perfect suit. Try to eat a light dinner that is low in salts, beans, and fiber to minimize your bloating. Salt causes your body to retain water that can make you look and feel bloated all over; beans are the magical fruit, of course; and fiber activates enzymes that create gas as the food digests. Fibrous vegetables such as broccoli and kale and fruit like apples are the worst in terms of potential bloating.

Instead, stick to a light garden salad with chicken and avocado. The salad greens will push food through your digestive system while the chicken will keep you happy and full. Avocados are great for reversing water retention and are delicious.

Pack your lunch.

Temptation is everywhere in the park; if you are not prepared it is easy to succumb to the calling of fried twinkies or funnel cake. Bring a cooler with fruit, salads, and lunch meat to keep you refueled and ready to explore the park.


If you have planned for the park treats, be my guest; however, the grease and salt will cause the water retention and bloat we just discussed. Save your treats for the end of the day.

Protect yourself. 

Being out in the elements exposes your skin to damage from the sun and the hot pavement. Make sure to pack your sunscreen and flip-flops to protect yourself. Sunscreen and sunblock prevent a portion of UV sunlight from reaching the deeper layers of your skin. SPF is the sun protection factor and indicates how long you can stay in the sun before burning as compared to no protection. This depends on the amount of melanin (how dark your skin is) you naturally have. In general, 15 minutes of direct sun exposure is the limit before damage occurs; opt for at least SPF 30 to protect yourself for an hour. 

The bottom of your feet can be highly sensitive, especially if you usually wear socks and shoes. The pavement at 2pm gets SO HOT WE BURNED ALL OUR FEET! Although wearing flip-flops on the rides can be a hassle, do wear your flip-flops when you are eating your lunch or hanging around the park. 


You will be out in the sun all day hot and sweating. When you are in the pool, you may not notice how much water you are actually losing. Make sure to stay hydrated to prevent dizziness, nausea, and muscle cramps. You will be walking up many hills and stairs and you don’t want a calf cramp to take you out of the game. Every couple hours, when you go back to your bag to reapply sunscreen, drink 4 more ounces of water. If you are experiencing some muscle cramps, snack on a banana as well. 


My feet are burning up in this picutre, btw!


Enjoy your day at the water park, summer only lasts for a little while. 




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