Maintaining a healthy relationship: Adventure!

The first year of a relationship is supposed to be the best, right? After the 12-month falling-in-love period everything becomes a little less bright, or so some may claim. We, frankly, don’t buy that at all. It is possible, easy, and fun to keep the spark alive no matter how long you have been together.

Of course, Preston and I just hit the 1-year mark, so we can’t necessarily speak on longgggg-term experience. We can speak on how to make a relationship feel like the very first day (minus all the awkward silences and insecurities) despite months of being together all day every day. Just the other night, while catching Pokémon, we were talking to our friend about how much time we really do spend together. I realized that in the last 48 hours, we were sitting next to each other for all but two. It is rare to find someone that you want to spend that much time with, so when you do work hard to not let them go. We have found that adventure and creating new memories is a key for keeping that loving feeling alive.

Go on an adventure!

During the week our lives become routine and a little mundane. We get up, head to work or class, come home, make dinner, and repeat. I think everyone can agree that working all day dampens your spirit. Weekends are your saving grace! Don’t let your time off pass you by without infusing a little adventure and excitement. The new experiences will create memories and something new to talk about for the following week. 

Adventures don’t have to be extravagant productions and tales of chasing dragons in the Lonely Mountain (yes, we are nerds.. Lord of the Rings for life).  

Walk to the new park in your neighborhood, split a dessert at a café, or drive to a nearby town for a field trip. Try to find cheap ways to switch up your normal behavior and keep things fun. 

These small adventures have a big impact on your personal happiness that in turn impact your relationships. When you are a happier camper, your positivity will reflect on the others around you. Small adventures also increase your creativity, which can lead to even more date nights and fun times!

Within the last month Preston and I have gone on several mini-adventures: a walk through a community garden, a drive to my hometown (3 hours each way to talk in the car!), a sunrise hike with some friends, a water-park (I used a sick day from work for that one), and now we have been catching Pokémon. It is the small things that we do together that create a foundation for a healthy, long-lasting relationship. 

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Although it takes a little bit of work, money, and creativity, adding a little adventure to your life is worth it in the end. 





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