Leg day: Yes you need to do this

Leg day gets a bad wrap among gym bros, but everyone should be working out their legs to balance their physique. This quick workout will hit all the major components of your legs to give you a complete aesthetic. 

Bonus: Leg day has helped shape and lift my booty! My favorite lift, and one I do 3 times a week, is the kettle bell squat. Make sure to focus on squeezing your bum at the low and high points of this lift. Soon you will be singing with JLo and Iggy…”Big big booty, got that big big bootayyyy..”

If you haven’t see the other workouts in our series, follow these links:

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The first column is the lift or exercise you will be doing. The second column is the sets listed first and then the reps.  Reps make up one set: you will do 12 dumbbell rows, rest, and repeat two more times. 

Lift Set X Reps Notes
Leg press 4 X 12
Calf raises 3 X 12 There are a variety of machines to use OR use a step/ledge.
Leg extensions 3 X 12
Hamstring curls 3 X12
Kettle Bell Squats 3×10 Can substitute traditional squats


Happy lifting and stay consistent out there!


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