Quick and effective shoulder workout

Legs, chest, and arms get a ton of attention at the gym, so one muscle group is often forgotten: shoulders. Keep working your shoulders to complete your toned, strong, amazing upper body. Shoulder day is much quicker than the other groups, so keep this workout in your back pocket for when you don’t have a lot of time (or feel a bit lazy!)

The first column is the lift or exercise you will be doing. The second column is the sets listed first and then the reps.  Reps make up one set: you will do 12 dumbbell rows, rest, and repeat two more times. 

Choose a weight that pushes you, yet is not overly exerting. You want to be able to complete the number of reps; you’re not trying to max-out here. And yes, I complete this exact workout with Preston (with about half the weight he does)! You can all do it too. 

Lift Sets X Reps Notes
Dumbbell shoulder press 5 X 12
Face pulls 3 X 12
Dumbbell side raises 3X 12
Rear delt fly 3 X 12 Usually I do this one on a machine
Calf raises 3 X 12  Because Preston wants to work them every day

Shoulders have been a staple part of my workouts in the past year. 1 photo is worth 1,000 words, check out the proof of this workout for yourself!IMG_0208


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