Time for changes: A new diet begins

This past weekend has been a whirlwind of activity! So much so that Preston and I hardly had time curate and post– we are very sorry about that. I have big news that will impact my goals, and I am excited to go on a new journey with you all too!

I have a dress to fit into because Preston and I are having a wedding next summer! Yup, it happened. 

My goal is to be 125lbs, 21% body fat, and wear a dress with an open back.

Like this one… 


To achieve these goals, because planning is crucial in the process, I have outlined a timeline for myself. I started out a little heavy (we had to celebrate all weekend!), but I am back on track for my first goal line.


Once I achieve the first cut to 125 by Halloween. I will gain 2-3 pounds back to maintain comfortably at 127. Then two months before the wedding, I will start another cut to 123-124 to look tight, toned, and lean in my dress!

My Weight-Loss Game Plan

Current weight (7:30am on Aug. 3): 131.8— this was the cleansing and debloating from the weekend.

Calorie Goal: 1200 per day, 50% Carbs, 20% Protein, and 30% fats. 

 I will not be eating refined sugar or processed carbs such as white bread. The main sources are whole vegetables, whole fruits, and oatmeal.

Exercise Goal: 5 days a week— Run 1-2 miles with alternating legs/arms/and total body days

If you want to follow my progress more closely, add me on Instagram! I will be posting daily stories to recap my diet and workouts, as well as progress photos. If you are interested in losing 5-10 pounds with me, send an email. We can connect as a community and help each other. 🙂

Instagram: eve_hayley and prestonb_fitness

Snapchat: @hay-eve




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