Spicing up your diet (haha, get it? Because we’re talking about peppers)

When I first met Hayley I was a spice wimp. We had to buy mild Pace… Not to worry though, she has retrained my taste buds and now I feel the burn. Lately, we have been using a variety of peppers in everything from eggs to hashbrowns to stir-fry. 

Peppers, besides being delicious, have a ton of benefits for your diet. Below are the top four reasons we love spicing up the kitchen.


Peppers are a really cheap way to get more variety in your diet. When we say really cheap, we are talking less than $1.50 a pound. Rarely do we even buy a pound of peppers because that would be a mountain of them;  usually, when we go to the store and buy a couple jalapenos it only costs about 20 cents. In the end, you will be paying cents for a super food.


Let’s face it: eating the same thing over and over can get stale, and you don’t always want to spend that much extra time making something fancier. Peppers add flavor without the additional prep time.  All you have to do is chop em’ up and put em’ in. Even a few slices of peppers add a kick to any meal.

Kills Appetite

Are you one of those people who eats their food too fast then gets sad when it’s gone? Hayley is definitely one of those people. Well, peppers can help with that too. You can add more pepper depending on how slowly you want to eat your food. The hotter you make it, the slower you’ll have to eat. Beyond the obvious burning tongue, peppers do have the ability to curb your hunger throughout the day. Spicy peppers such as chilis and cayenne contain a compound called Capsaicin. This compound has been correlated to increased metabolism and suppressed appetite. The main cause, at least hypothesized, is that capsaicin raises your base body temperature and causes your body to burn more calories. This won’t melt away your fat, but over time adding peppers is a small change that can help you with your goals.


Peppers of all varieties, spicy or not, provide a plethora of nutrients. They contain vitamins A and C, potassium, folic acid, and fiber.Vitamin A and C are important for immune health, and Hayley swears that eating peppers helps her from getting sick. Every time she starts to feel a tickle in her throat or a sniffly nose, she makes soup with all the peppers in the store. I am not saying it works….. but she hasn’t been sick for more than a day or two since I have known her.

Awesomesauce.. and Low Calorie

They are generally awesome additions to your meal. Peppers are low-calorie, easy ingredients to add bulk to your plate. 1 ounce of anaheim pepper is only 6 calories! The nutrition density is incredibly high making them ideal for weight loss. On top of substance, they are flavorful and generally beneficial. We recommend starting with anaheim or poblano and slowly working your way up to serrano or fresno. 

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Stay consistent out there




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  1. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, Preston, I am to old to change to a liking of spicy peppers! Good thought, however,


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