PH Iron Kitchen: Battle Pancakes

Preston vs Hayley, who can make the best pancakes?


Rules of competition: 1/2 cup pancake mix minimum, some protein content, 450 or fewer calories

Hayley’s strategy: I saw a delightful peach pancake recipe on Amy’s Healthy Baking (I literally LOVE this blog) and I have been dying to make them. As always, I took the basic recipe she suggested and then tweaked it to meet my kitchen pantry and needs. In the end, I adored these pretty pancakes bursting with fruity, fresh flavor.

Peach pancakes:


Peach Pancakes
Ingrediant Amount Calories
Krusteaz pancake mix 0.5 cups 200
Peaches 6 oz (1 average peach) 66
Almond flour 2 tbsp 80
Peach greek yogurt 1 container 100
Total: 7 pancakes 446/20 grams protein


Combine the dry ingredients and fold in the yogurt. Add the water last and start with 1/3 cup. Gradually add more water until you have the desired thickness;  I ended up with just short of 1/2 cup.

Cut your peaches into small chunks. I have found the easiest way to slice a peach is by cutting each face of the peach so you are left with a square core. Then you can trim around the core on each side.

Add vanilla and cinnamon for extra flavor! Also, save some yogurt and peaches to top your pancakes at the end.

Preston’s strategy: I wanted to make something delicious, and sugar-free pudding is one of my favorite low-calorie foods. I had no idea how adding pudding to the mix would turn out, but it was a risk I was willing to take.

Banana pudding pancakes:


Banana Pudding Pancakes
Ingrediant Amount Calories
Krusteaz pancake mix 0.5 cups 200
Banana sugar-free pudding 0.5 packet 50
Non-fat milk 0.5 cups 43
Banana 0.75 banana 75
Protein powder 0.5 serving 60
Banana extract 1 tsp 0
Total: 5 pancakes 428/21 grams protein


Make half a batch of banana pudding by combing 1/4 mix and 1/2 cups milk. Let set in the fridge while you mix your pancake batter.Add all dry ingredients and 1/4 package of pudding mix in a bowl.

Add all dry ingredients and 1/4 package of dry pudding mix in a bowl.

Add water until the desired viscosity is reached

Fold in 1/4 of your chopped banana. The rest can be used in the layers between your pancake stack.

After your pancakes are cooked, create a tower by layering the set pudding and extra bananas between each cake. Top with the last bit of pudding.

The verdict: Hayley’s pancakes featured a bright peach (a bit tart) flavor and more traditional texture. Preston’s were much sweeter and very dense. Each were delicious, however!

Who won? Try it yourself and decide! Let us know in the comments or on Facebook.



Stay consistent out there





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