Light Chicken Marsala to make you cluck

We received a request to find a low-fat and lesser calorie way to make Chicken Marsala. We are all about helping you find ways to make your favorite dishes a little more suitable to your goals, so I have been on the hunt this week.

I have never attempted to make this dish– traditionally it is swimming in butter, oil, and flour and then topped off with pasta– something that would never fit into my goals. After a bit of research and thinking, however, I believe I found a solution.

Here is the traditional recipe from Food Network.You looking at an easy 575 calories per serving! If you have the budget for it, then dig in. For me, that is almost 50% of my total daily intake– no thank you!

Chicken Marsala
Ingredient Amount Calories
Flour .5 Cup 220
Olive Oil 1 TBS 120
Butter 4 TBS 400
Mushrooms 3 Cups 50
Marsala Wine 3/4 Cup 180
Chicken Stock 1 Cup 90
Creole Seasoning 1 TBS
Chicken 1 lb 440
Pasta 4 Cups 800
4 servings 575

If I were going to make this recipe, I would suggest a few simple tweaks that will create a huge impact on the total calories.

As a rule of thumb, you can ALWAYS cut out the butter and oil. You simply don’t need it in any recipe. I make cookies, waffles, stir fry, eggs–you name– it sans the oil listed on the ingredient list. That alone saves over 500 calories from this total recipe.

Another quick fix is to substitute or eliminate the pasta. A vegetable spiralizer creates a fun, low-calorie version of noodles that will save on carbs as well. Find yours $10 at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

Zucchini Noodles (Spiral Slicer)

Here is my updated recipe. See how many calories are saved? At nearly half, you could go back for seconds! Protein: 33, Carbs: 15, Fat: 9

Ingredient Amount Calories
Flour .25 cup 110
Olive Oil 1 TBS 120
Mushrooms 3 Cups 50
Marsala Wine 3/4 Cup 180
Chicken Stock 1 Cup 90
Creole Seasoning 1 TBS
Chicken 1 lb 440
Zuchini 12 oz 60
4 servings 262.5

Because the butter is eliminated I proposed using less flour as well because it will need less thickening. Begin by slowly adding 1/4 cup of flour and see how it goes. Of course it won’t taste as rich and fatty, but that sacrifice is well worth it if you are on tight goal.

Try this recipe and tag me on Instagram:@eve_hayley 




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