Saturday night fever: Meal tracking for a party night

Parties are extra tricky for me because I have so few calories to work with. Preston, averaging 2,000, gets far more leverage in his days AND it doesn’t impact him as negatively when he goes over. 

When I eat 2,000 calories I have doubled my day… when he eats that amount he is actually under. This is the constant struggle of living with the human hulk.  When we do go out, we generally follow a meal plan like this. We are certainly a little hungry during the day–so drink your coffee– but then party guilt free all night!


8:00 am- Coffee

10:00 am- Coffee round 2

Total: Minimal


1:45 pm

  • Oatmeal, 3/4 cup for 225 calories
  • Protein Powder, 1/2 scoop for 60 calories
  • PB2, 1TBS for 22 calories

307 calories


6:00 pm

  • Eggs, 2 for 140 calories
  • Cole Slaw Mix/Cabbage, 2 cups for 30 calories
  • Onions, 4 oz for 45 calories

215 calories

Running total: 522

Pro tip: Alcohol is prioritized as an energy source when it is available. Anything else that you eat will be stored directly as fat for later. Don’t binge on carbs and heavy meals before going out because your big pasta dinner will go directly to your hips.. it will not collect $200 first either.

Night time drinking:

Round 1 the pregame:

9:00 – Sprite zero, lemon juice, and Bacardi (64) x2

       – Tequila shot + lime and salt x2

Total: 400 calories

Running total: 922

Pro tip: Sugar free mixers are a must. Don’t waste anymore calories using regular sodas or juices.  

Round 2 the bars:


  • Vodka cranberry double 250 calories

Because I don’t drink every weekend, I am proudly a light weight. I get drunk quickly and easily– so Preston usually ends up finishing my drink at the bar. Be aware that bars do not usually use diet mixers, so you need to assume an extra 100+ calories on top of the alcohol. Opt for simple wells to keep calories per alcohol at a minimum.

Running total: 1,172



  • Hash browns, half a bag for 200 calories

We always have bags of frozen potatoes in the fridge. Pop these on the stove instead of ordering the pizza. You get to eat way more volume for the calories. Of course just drinking water and going to bed is your best bet…. but a drunk girl has gotta eat!

Total: 1,372

Enjoy your evening out, be safe, and stay on track. Life is about balance… and that means tequila shots every other weekend. 🙂




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