Shots, shots, shots: But stay on track

The fastest way to achieve your goals would be to not go out, but sometimes you just need to cut loose and have some fun. When I feel the urge to go out and have been hitting my fitness goals, I make sure to keep my calorie consumption under control by eating fewer calories during the day. This way I have a lot of calories to spare on alcohol at night.

If you are gearing up for your Friday night on the town, use this model day to keep your day on track. If you are looking for a lighter day, check out my party diary.


8:00 – Coffee

       – Half a scoop of protein powder 60 calories

10:00 – Coffee round 2

60 calories


11:45 – frozen stir fry vegetable pack 120 calories

        – Lean ground turkey 320 calories

3:00 – 1 scoop protein powder 120 calories

       – 14 oz nonfat milk 140 calories

700 calories

Last meal of the day

6:00 – stir fry vegetables pack 120 calories

       – 8 oz chicken breast (skinless, lean) 220 calories

340 calories

Food Total: 1,100

Pro tip: Alcohol functions differently than protein, carbs, or fats. While it is available to your system, i.e. when you are drinking, your body will run mostly off of the alcohol. What does this mean? Instead of burning fat for energy your body will be using the alcohol. Anything else that you eat will directly stored as fat. Don’t eat a bunch before going out because your big pasta dinner will go directly to your hips.. it will not collect $200 first either.


Night time drinking:

Round 1 the pregame:

9:00 – Sprite zero, lemon juice, and bacardi (64) x4

       – Tequila shot + lime and salt x3

630 calories


Pro tip: Use sugar free mixers or soda. It will save you literally hundreds of calories. My favorite mixer is sprite zero because it mixes with just about anything.  

Round 2 the bars:

11:00 – Vodka cranberry double (64+170)

250 calories

This is where things get a little trickier. A lot of times the bars don’t have zero calorie mixers or if they do you forget to ask. I just track generic drinks instead of just the alcohol for the bars. Usually it is about 100 extra calories per drink.

Alcohol Total: 880


1:30 – Ground beef 93% lean  4 oz

       – Hash Browns  6 servings  

420 calories

Total: 2,400

It can be hard to resist eating anything after a night out of drinking. I like to have a plan of what I’m going to eat before going out, so I don’t end up ordering pizza while my judgement is impaired.

Make sure to enjoy your weekends and balance your goals with fun!

Stay consistent out there



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