A dose of inspiration: Erica’s Story

Wowza! My friend Erica reached out to Preston and me over the summer asking for a little advice. We encouraged her to follow the blog and provided meal plans to help her reach her goals. She just sent in her story and amazing pictures of the progress she has made. Although she gives us a lot of credit, she owns her results and is the product of hard work and dedication. All I do is encourage her and act as a workout buddy. 🙂

Erica, you are amazing. Keep it up and I can’t wait until you hit your 25 pounds-down mark!

Erica’s Story


To start off……I never knew I ate so many calories in a day! I could easily consume 1,800 calories a day, and those days I thought was being “healthy.” I was working out maybe twice a week, if that, at the gym and maybe going on two short runs a week. At the time I thought I was doing everything I possibly could to loose the excess weight I had on my body. After working with Hayley and Preston, my view on weight loss and health has drastically changed!!

I was following Hayley on Facebook and noticing she was loosing weight…A LOT of weight. She looked incredibly happy and confident. I went ahead and asked her what she was doing, and after a few different conversations she offered to create a meal plan that was unique to me.

Preston and Hayley emailed me a well-thought out meal plan for me to follow as well as great tips to stay on track.

To be honest day one did not go well, neither did days two or three because my body was adjusting to my new eating habits and lower caloric intake. Days 4, 5, and 6 I was starting to notice a change in how “full” I felt after a meal, which gave me hope that YES I can change my old habits to achieve that life I have been working towards for so long.

In month one, I lost 5 pounds driven by eating super clean and working out 5 times a week. I was running one mile on the treadmill then lifting weights for 20 minutes afterwards.


Now (three months in) I have lost just over 12 pounds! I am now running two miles on the treadmill every morning, along with a 30 minute weight lifting session.

I simply can’t believe how much Hayley’s and Preston’s support means to me! I am now fitting into jeans I wore as a freshman in college and am feeling confident, strong, and beautiful. THANK YOU HAYLEY and PRESTON!!!




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