A Cookie Conspiracy

We have amazing news: it is easy to cut over 1,000 calories from your favorite cookie recipes. Seriously— cookies DO NOT NEED BUTTER!


But the package says you need 1 1/2 sticks….?

That is a bold face lie. Today Preston and I decided to experiment with the cookie recipe given to us by a friend for the holidays. The chocolate chip cookie recipe came in a pre-measured mason jar with instructions asking for the ridiculous excess of butter. Turns out, you don’t need to put ANY of it in.

What is the big deal about taking out the butter?


Because 1 and 1/2 sticks of butter equal roughly 1,215 calories… that’s the big deal. If you make 24 cookies, you will save about 50 needless calories per treat!

We were worried about how the dough would take shape, so we decided to make cookie bars instead of individual drops cookies. The texture was slightly denser than the traditional cookie, but I think adding PB2 was the main culprit.

In the end, we followed the basic recipe, but completely skipped the butter and the brown sugar. To make up for any loss in flavor, we added banana extract and PB2 for a chocolate peanut butter banana cookie. The texture is not as creamy as a traditional cookie, but overall the 1,500 calories (that is more than I eat in a whole day for reference) is MORE than worth the drier texture. I feel satisfied without the guilt of wasting my daily calories on a cookie.


When eating clean, finding caloric short-cuts is the key to reducing your intake without sacrificing volume. I got to eat twice as many cookies for the same calories because we nixed the butter and cut the sugar in half.

The philosophy of cutting needless calories, usually in the form of butter and sugar, can be applied to every recipe. I attribute most of my successful weight loss to the simple substitutions or reductions in my favorite meals. If you love spaghetti…. try swapping squash for pasta. If you usually sautee your vegetables in oil or butter, try using a cooking spray or steaming them instead. Don’t add milk to your scrambled eggs. Look at your favorite recipes and try to find an area that can be altered or sacrificed for big caloric savings! If you need any help or idea, send us a message.

In the mean time, enjoy a cookie!




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