Not a diet–A lifestyle

The winter season has been an extreme wake-up call for me. For the last three months I have been slacking on my “diet” by not eating according to my goals. I relapsed on the lifestyle, and I am paying for it.

That may be a dramatic way to state my situation– I am still only 135 pounds, but that is 6 pounds more than I started the holiday season. I consider this a critical moment, however. Either I take back control and start living the lifestyle again, or I continue back down the road that caused me so much hurt before. As soon as I lost the weight, I told myself 135 was the upper limit I would allow myself to be again. I still feel good. I still look okay. But I crave more for myself. I am addicted to a healthy lifestyle, and it is time for me to get back on the wagon.

All of the hard work over the past 6 months was so quickly reversed when I stopped “dieting.” This is a life long commitment to eat for your goals.

Here is what happened over break.

I ate cookies. I ate lots and lots of Christmas cookies. And I drank lots of champagne, wine, and tequila. I ate out for many family dinners. Preston wanted a lot of nachos for dinner. And I snacked without tracking. I went on the holiday diet.

I don’t regret the holiday diet– part of the reason we have a cold winter with warm holidays is because we need a break from the rest of year. I am just wearing my chunky sweaters right now anyway. I cut so hard prior to Halloween so that I could have a guilt free holiday diet. Although I was feeling really great eating my cookies and pies, I feel my muffin top baking over the sides of my jeans again.

But the diet is over, and it is back to the life.

Reversing the concept of diet and lifestyle for clean eating vs. temporary bad habits really makes me feel more empowered. When I am eating according to my goals– according to what I want in my life– great things happen. When start a temporary period of eating for pleasure– I consider THAT a diet… a break in my usual eating behavior.

Too often we correlate “diet” with the healthy patterns of food. Diet is defined as restricting food to lose weight, which is true, except that time constraint associated with dieting is a problem. Instead of saying that you are dieting… say that you are eating.


If I have learned anything this winter, it is that “dieting” has to be a constant or else the weight loss will slip away really quickly. So from now on I am back to eating for my goals and the standard of health that I set for myself in October is back into play. Breaks are good, but feeling the best that I can is better.




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