Pizza Pizza! But without the crust

For past week (officially) Preston and I have gone meatless! He switched from chicken to beans in his meal prepped lunches; I upped my carbs (and yes my weight is doing just fine because I am still tracking and eating 1300 calories) and reduced the overall protein in my diet. Together we are enjoying tofu, eggs, and Bocca Burgers to our hearts’ delights.

Last night, we decided to try the cauliflower pizza crust that I have seen on Pinterest a million times. Rest assured… it turned out very well! Why bother making cauliflower crust if carbs are okay? Because I am still on a calorie budget AND cauliflower is hella cheap. So, we recommend you give this a shot to jazz up your weekly vegetable routine.


How to make cauliflower crust

First, I chopped and pulsed a head of cauliflower. The food processor is a life saver and one of the best investments we made. After a few pulses the cauliflower looks like small grains of rice.

Once the pulsing is complete, I popped the grains into the microwave for 4 minutes, stirred, and again for another minute. Seriously… it was this fast and easy!

Once the cauliflower had cooled a bit, I wrung out the the veggies in a tea towel. I was surprised how much water squeezed out– and I highly recommend this step. The final crust turned out fairly realistic so I would be cautious of the extra water.


All of the recipes I saw on Pinterest called for variations on egg, panko, and cheese combos. We settled on 1 egg and 1/2 cup cheese for the entire head of cauliflower mixture. No bread crumbs necessary. We used the fat-free mozzarella to cut on a few more calories as well.

Spread your dough out like a pizza crust and bake for 15 minutes at 450. Once your crust is… crusty… you can move on to the fun part! I also made the tomato sauce because the least calorie store-brand was still 60 calories per 1/2 cup and loaded with extra sugar. To make the sauce I stewed a can of tomatoes, chopped garlic, and diced onion while dealing with the cauliflower. Then I pureed the sauce in the food processor. The calorie count was 20 for our pizza.

As far as toppings.. the possibilities are endless! We opted for Morningstar Farms vegetable sausage patties (80 each) and mushrooms with our fat-free cheese. Once topped, pop the pizza into the broiler until your cheese is melted.





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