Not a diet–A lifestyle

Although I was feeling really great eating my cookies and pies, I feel my muffin top baking over the sides of my jeans again.

A dose of inspiration: Erica’s Story

Now (three months in) I have lost just over 12 pounds! I am now running two miles on the treadmill every morning, along with a 30 minute weight lifting session.

Turning a corner on health

The next installment of my Collegian blog is live. I discuss part 2 of my lifestyle journey. Next week I will be discussing gymtimidation and balancing nutrition with your activity levels.

Check out my school blog

Thank you everyone who reads and supports us. We love, appreciate, and believe in you. We will be back– but until then, check out my first post!

Daily Prompt: Expert

Take time to reflect on yourself, your body, your goals, and your mind. Be the expert of you. When I finally took the time to truly understand myself, my weight loss journey jumped ahead three steps.

Time for changes: A new diet begins

If you want to follow my progress more closely, add me on Instagram! I will be posting daily stories to recap my diet and workouts, as well as progress photos.

Essential Oils: Miracle or Myth?

Do they work because you believe they will work? Am I calm because I was told lavender is calming? That Preston and I are not sure of the answer.

Maintaining a healthy relationship: Adventure!

The first year of a relationship is supposed to be the best, right? After the 12-month falling-in-love period everything becomes a little less bright, or so some may claim. We, frankly, don’t buy that at all. It is possible, easy, and fun to keep the spark alive no matter how long you have been together….

Spring Rolls and Brownies: Dinner date for under 300 calories

Monday (7/5/2016) was our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! Technically we met in May, but July 5 was the day we made it “official.” Whenever we have holidays or big date events (think Valentine’s Day, birthdays, etc) we like to make dinner rather than eating out. We like doing this because we enjoy doing activities together and…