Welcome to Preston and Hayley’s Health and Lifestyle Blog! This blog is your destination for all the tips, tricks, and tools that we use to maintain a healthy, happy life. Health is not just about weight; health composes emotional happiness, positive relationships, fiscal stability, and effective stress management. Learning how to manage all of these aspects with small, simple changes today will add up to a healthier you tomorrow.

Whenever you see pink font, Hayley is the main voice. If the font is in blue, then Preston is sharing his tips.

Click on About to get more information on us, and then explore our suggestions to living a healthy, happy life! Check out recipes we love, workouts that keep us fit, and other strategies to improve your life. We have been where you are; we are here to help you reach your goals. Click on our names below to read more about each of us, then browse content written to help you.

Please comment or share your stories and tips to further the community. Let’s get ( and stay) fit together. Also, Like us on Facebook and follow us on Snapchat so you don’t miss anything on your weight-loss journey!  @hay-eve


Hayley                                                                                         Preston


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