A dose of inspiration: Erica’s Story

Now (three months in) I have lost just over 12 pounds! I am now running two miles on the treadmill every morning, along with a 30 minute weight lifting session.

Injuries: Maintain your workout while staying safe

You can prevent or lessen the impact of an injury by remaining mindful of your body and its limits. When you do experience pain, assess the situation and use your diet to stay on track for your goals

Time for changes: A new diet begins

If you want to follow my progress more closely, add me on Instagram! I will be posting daily stories to recap my diet and workouts, as well as progress photos.

Don’t let these 3 excuses ruin your workout

The excuses, and yes they are all excuses, we come up with to NOT workout are simply roadblocks in our path to success. If you let them rule your day and justify your actions, it will be that much harder to find the success you are seeking. Here are the top three excuses that used to…

You have 20 minutes: An express workout

Class was let out at 9:40 this morning, and I didn’t need to meet with my advisor until 10:30. With just under an hour I made the trek across campus to hit the gym. Even though I didn’t have much time, something is always better than nothing; it is possible to have a good workout…