Daily Prompt: Expert

Take time to reflect on yourself, your body, your goals, and your mind. Be the expert of you. When I finally took the time to truly understand myself, my weight loss journey jumped ahead three steps.

Injuries: Maintain your workout while staying safe

You can prevent or lessen the impact of an injury by remaining mindful of your body and its limits. When you do experience pain, assess the situation and use your diet to stay on track for your goals

Quick and effective shoulder workout

Legs, chest, and arms get a ton of attention at the gym, so one muscle group is often forgotten: shoulders. Keep working your shoulders to complete your toned, strong, amazing upper body. Shoulder day is much quicker than the other groups, so keep this workout in your back pocket for when you don’t have a…

Nutrition vs caloric density: Making the most of your food choices

When dieting, selecting the right foods can make your time much easier. The two key factors in determining the foods I eat are the nutritional content and the amount of calories. I┬álike to pack as many nutrients as possible into the calories that I am eating rather than consuming “empty calories.” Of course, processed junk…