A dose of inspiration: Erica’s Story

Now (three months in) I have lost just over 12 pounds! I am now running two miles on the treadmill every morning, along with a 30 minute weight lifting session.

4 things to remember when losing weight

Keep these four points in mind while trying to lose weight while gain muscle

Daily Prompt: Expert

Take time to reflect on yourself, your body, your goals, and your mind. Be the expert of you. When I finally took the time to truly understand myself, my weight loss journey jumped ahead three steps.

Dieting the wrong way: Hayley edition

I always thought cardio was the key to weight loss. Sweat is fat crying, right? My first diet strategies consisted of meals I thought were healthy and running 3-5 miles multiple times a week. Looking back, I wish I could slap a little sense into myself—- so much squandered time and effort with little return….

5 ways to prevent metabolic damage

Staying on a reduced calorie diet for an extended period of time can slow down your metabolism. This makes an already hard task even more difficult. Below are five ways that you can prevent metabolic damage: Number 1 Dieting slowly will help your metabolism from crashing. A diet where you are eating far below maintenance…

June 20, 2016

Lately I have been on cruise control. It is not that motivation has waned, but rather I have been enjoying my success. This is the period known as maintenance; it is a time where you get to eat a little more relaxed (hello 400 extra calories!), work out a little less often, and genuinely appreciate…

Quick 300 calorie workout

Workout- 300 calories burned… but don’t let a workout influence your diet! Lifting 3 sets of 10 Shoulder Press 2 sets of 12 Bicep Curl 2 sets of 12 Tricep Extension 2 sets of 5 Pull Ups 2 sets of 10 Dips 3 sets of 10 Seated Row 3 sets of 10 Leg Extension 3…

May 23, 2016

Remember when I said most of the 7 pounds I had “gained” was food and bloat? Today I am 133.8. Yup. Just restricting my diet, sweating a lot at the gym, and healthy BMs (sorry, not sorry) shed 5 pounds.¬† Here is what I did today! Diet: 912 cal, 84 g Protein, 97 g Carbs,…